Johor Bahru Startups Network
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Johor Bahru Startups Network is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout Malaysia and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.

Johor Bahru Startups Network has a big community with membership running into several thousands. Startups community members get the opportunity to connect with co-founders, startup team members, mentors, advisers. incubation facilities, co-working spaces, agencies in seed funding, crowd funding, high net-worth individuals and other essential startup partners.

Johor Bahru Startups Network aims to primarily make entrepreneurship affordable for every deserving entrepreneur regardless of financial status and geographical location. We wish to reach out to even remote cities & towns where not many organizations have ventured to extend startup help. We strive to nurture & nourish a great idea where ever it emanates and help it to see the light of the day.

Johor Bahru Startups Network seeks to build partnership with organizations geared to play a vital role in building the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Malaysia. Along with its partners, Johor Bahru Startups Network believes that Startups can bring a fundamental growth across the country and provides a platform to sustain the growth.

  • 23 Feb 2019

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